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About The FHM Sweater Factory
So what is this thing?

This is a utility designed to make it easy to create custom sweaters for Franchise Hockey Manager. If you don't have FHM, then this is really of little use to you.

What is Franchise Hockey Manager?

Franchise Hockey Manager is a hockey management simulation published by OOTP Developments, the developers of the award-winning Out Of The Park Baseball series. For more information about FHM, as well as the other games they make, visit their site.

Why doesn't <insert feature here> work?

The Sweater Factory should function in any browser that can take advantage of the HTML5 Canvas element, which should function on pretty much any modern browser (see here for a list of compatible browsers). Beyond that, just make sure Javascript is enabled and you should be off and running!

Who is responsible for this thing?

That would be me. My name is Eriq Jaffe, and while I don't have Franchise Hockey Manager, I've been playing OOTP Baseball since 2004. Feel free to shoot me an email with any questions or comments about this site.

The textures and shapes are based heavily on the Photoshop template (available here) developed by Hockey13Playa, Pwal, and Isedelyod.

I'd also like to give an additional shout out to Conrad Burry, who created some of the fonts that can be used on the sweaters.