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About The OOTP Park Generator
So what is this thing?

This is a utility designed to make it easy to create custom ballparks for Out Of The Park Baseball. It is based on a spreadsheet developed by OOTP forum user Gambo, which you can download here.

How does it work?

At the minimum, just assign distances and heights to the outfield walls. The Park Factors and overview image will calculate in real-time. You can further customize your park by choosing its' location (and attendant weather) from a number of pre-defined cities in our database.

How does the park's location factor into things?

The altitude and weather of the park's location directly affect the Park Factors. A park located in Denver will play different than a park located at sea level.

Similarly, the climate of the park's location also plays a role. The temperature and rain averages are used to calculate the park's "Carry Factor," which is used as a modifier when determining the Park Factors.

You are able to adjust the altitude and weather information to tailor the park to your liking.

How exactly are the Park Factors calculated?

Through math! Seriously, I did not develop the original formulas, I just transcoded them. To see under the hood, you can take a look at the spreadsheet linked to above.

Why doesn't <insert feature here> work?

This site has been written for use in either Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome, and tested exclusively in Windows 7. The core functionality - the calculation of Park Factors - should work in pretty much any browser and OS, although the underlying software that generates the park image may or may not work in any other browser. The only other thing I can say is that Javascript needs to be enabled for everything to work properly. Beyond that, the best I can suggest is try a different browser.

What is Out Of The Park Baseball?

Out Of The Park Baseball is an award winning baseball management simulation published by OOTP Developments. For more information about OOTP, as well as the other games they make, visit their site.

Can I use this without a web browser?

Yes! There is a desktop version of this available for Windows, macOS, and Linux on GitHub. Bear in mind that desktop support is still pretty experimental at this stage, but everything should function the same as it does in the web version.

Who is responsible for this thing?

That would be me. My name is Eriq Jaffe, and I've been playing OOTP Baseball since 2004. Feel free to shoot me an email with any questions or comments about this site.


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